Once Upon A Crescent: Episode – 51: Amir’s Adhaan

It is Amir’s turn to make the call to prayer on the big microphone at his new Islamic school. Before he recites the Adhaan, Amir notices a new student that has joined their school. Amir, Mayar and Ibrahim take this opportunity to strike a conversation with the new kid, but little did they know that this new student had a pressing question about the Adhaan that the kids would have to answer.

This episode is sponsored by Br. Ali and is dedicated to his kids Amir & Mayar!

Special thanks to Br. Muttaqi Ismail, Host of Islamic History Podcast for his voicing of Principal Wazwaz. (https://islamichistorypodcast.com)

Sound effects obtained from freesound.org  & zapsplat.com